New Clients

We Welcome New Patients

River Road Animal Hospital has provided veterinary services to the Wasaga area since 1998 from preventive care, medical care, surgery, dentistry, nutrition counselling and in house laboratory.

The clinic is located on the east side of Wasaga in a country setting – there is lots of room for parking and to walk your dog in the area. We enjoy practicing in a small community and getting to know our patients well. Being in a more rural area, we strive to provide all aspects of veterinary care at the clinic. We offer an in house laboratory with laser analysis, surgical suite with anesthetic and monitoring equipment, radiology, ultra-sonic dentistry, electrocardiograph, VIN membership (access to specialists in every field to consult on cases) and availability of a board specialist surgeon and ultra sonographer. We have a team approach to health care and our staff pursues continuing education and certification. Dr Volmers and Dr Telfer enjoy the diversity in medicine and have a special interest in preventive medicine, which is identifying areas of health concern before they are serious health problems. We welcome new patients and would be happy to answer any questions you have or give a tour of our clinic.