Stacey Bowden

Veterinary Technician

Ever since I can remember animals have been a part of my life. I was born in a family where animals were part of the family. We were always rescuing critters of all kinds from regular dogs and cats, baby goats and pigs to raccoons and squirrels. When I was younger I spent all my free time with horses. I knew that I had to work with animals in some way, so when I started here at River Road in 1999 I couldn’t have been happier. My job here is very important to me and the client and animal relationships that I have made over the years have meant a great deal to me. I have learned so much since I have worked here; about animal behavior, pet nutrition, the overall well being of pets and how important it is to have quality veterinary care.

My husband Steve and I have a clan of our own; our older daughter Meighan and son Kyle who are living on their own, and our two younger children Owen and Grace keep us very busy. I can’t forget to mention our adopted children! Tucker is an Irish Wolfhound cross who we adopted from a shelter when she was just a puppy. We have a German Shepard named Vimy. Our newest family member, Charlie, is a wired haired Jack Russell who we rescued and has been a wonderful addition. We have two runner ducks named Isabella and Doofenshmirtz who we raised since they were babies and are now three years old.  Finally, we have a box tortoise named Titan that my husband “rescued ” from his high school in 1982.  At almost 50 years old she is the oldest member of our family and a very interesting pet.