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Celebrating Seniors!

By November 2, 2015 No Comments

At River Road Animal Hospital we are celebrating senior pets during the month of November!

During Senior Wellness month we are offering senior exams and senior blood panels at a reduced cost. Also, with every exam and/or blood panel, we will enter your pet’s name in a draw for a gift basket.

Why is it important to complete senior wellness bloodwork?

  • Our pets age much more quickly than we do and often don’t show signs of illness until well into the course of disease. It is estimated that 10% of pets that appeared healthy to owners and veterinarians during annual checkups are found to have hidden disease or changes on their blood work.
  • Wellness testing leads to the early detection of disease. With early detection and treatment, your pet has a better chance at a positive prognosis.

We believe in a proactive approach when it comes to you pet’s health and recommend wellness testing in addition to your pet’s wellness exams. To book an appointment for a senior wellness exam and consultation, call River Road Animal Hospital at (705) 322-3459.