Apr 17 2015


Proud Mom of 5

Dori and her puppies – all boys!

Dori, a gentle Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred by surgical implantation in June. In this procedure a semen sample is placed directly in the uterus. The sample was from a well pedigreed sire from many years ago. In this way, desired traits from a line can be passed on, leaving a legacy even generations later.

The gestation (length of pregnancy) in dogs is just 63 days and is even shorter with implantation – just 57 days. Dori’s owners were anxiously awaiting arrival of her puppies in August. Dori had started nesting on her due date and her water broke in the middle of the night. Hours later Dori still had not delivered any pups.

Labour is usually quick in dogs and we expect to see the first pup within 4 hours. If left too long we risk the health of both the pups and dam (mother). We gave Dori an injection to help with contractions. She still did not have strong contractions and we could feel the sac of a pup within the birth canal.

We quickly prepared Dori for surgery to save the pups. She was placed under general anesthetic and a Caesarean section was performed by Dr. Kelly. As the pups were brought out of the uterus they were handed to the technicians and with the help of their owners we soon had five puppies squirming and looking for mom.

The puppies are born with the dorsal hairline unique to Rhodesian Ridgebacks – the hair grows in reverse along their back giving the “ridgeback”. All five puppies were healthy boys. As soon as Dori was waking from surgery, the pups were happily nursing.

Dori is now at home with the pups, being a great mom – she has her work cut out for her with nursing, cleaning and teaching her “Boys of Summer”.

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